Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Has it been two weeks already?

This breaking waves project has been tedious, not only taking a long time to get through all the calculations, table consults, and recalculations, but also putting out some not-ready-for-primetime numbers, requiring me to go back through and do some eyeballing and smoothing out.  I probably should do some more smoothing out than I have, but I can feel it coming on...if I don't finish soon, it'll get backburnered and I won't finish at all. 

I did make an entry to the One Page Dungeon contest this year, and I see no reason not to share it, although I don't think anyone really looks at this blog yet, and most people that look at it this year will probably find the URL on my OPD entry, so this is pretty ass-backwards.  But here it is anyway.


I made the wandering monster chart using the old 1st Edition AD&D monster books, but I'm reasonably sure most of the monsters could be found in most versions of the game.  Ask for conversion help if you need it.

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