Tuesday, May 16, 2017

One Page Dungeon: Underworld Turf War

I meant to post this forever ago, and for whatever reason just never did.  Well, here is my 2017 One Page Dungeon Contest entry.  I went mapless this go-round.  It's an underground city with mazy streets, easy to get lost in, and until your characters have been around to a few landmarks enough to know their way, they're basically wandering randomly.

Due to the "no OGL" rule for this year's contest, I had to make a change to my original concept.  I wanted to use Dark Creepers and Dark Stalkers from the Fiend Folio as the main creatures in the adventure, but ended up changing the name to "morlock" to meet the rule requirements.  Generally I think of morlocks as a little less intelligent and crafty than Dark Creepers, but space was kind of an issue as well.  "Underdweller" was going to make me have to drop more material than I wanted.

At any rate, my daughter ran it for some people with 1st level characters using kobold stats, and there's no reason you couldn't run it for name level characters using giant stats, I guess.  Make it your own...that's the point of RPG gaming.


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