Sunday, July 9, 2017

Parnax the Mighty

Inspired by Joseph Manola's hexcrawl In the Shadow of the Great Machine.

A crazed outcast, Parnax the Mighty has exposed himself to uncontrolled energies of the Great Machine in order to turn himself into a superman.  His results have been very mixed.

Parnax's plan was to give himself a powerful physique to match his unparalleled intellect and magical prowess.  He is now of prodigious size, but his musculature and skeletal structure have not quite kept up. His elephantine bulk requires him to move about on all fours, taking a full round to shift into a sitting position to cast spells.  Returning to all fours for movement takes no time.  If an arm or leg is injured, his movement rate is reduced by 1/2; if two limbs are injured, he is barely mobile, effectively immobile for tactical purposes.

Additionally, his tremendous bulk causes him to take double damage from falls, taking 1d6 damage even if he trips, although this might be hard to pull off given his four-limbed gait.

DCC Stats: Init -1; Atk fist +7 melee (1d8+8); AC 15; HD 10d8; hp 53; MV 30’; Act 1d20 or 2d20 (when spell casting); SP spell casting as level 7 Wizard, melee crits use Giant table; SV Fort +7, Ref +1, Will +4; AL C.

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  1. Just realized I never added hit points. Easy enough fix...